Tybo and Winnie's Adventurous Explorers

Born March 20th, 2016

FaustHouse The Mummy Returns


​Lead Role: Evelyn Nefertiri

​Lives in NC

Winnie's Adventurous Explorers:

Born March 20th, 2016

to Tybo and Winnie

FaustHouse See My National Treasure


​Lead Role: Abigail Chase

​Living in TX

FaustHouse Running in The Hunger Games


Lead Role: Katniss Everdeen

Lives in NC

FaustHouse Found Fool's Gold


​Lead Role: Tess Finnegan

​Living in NC home

FaustHouse Romancing the Stone with"Jack T. Colton"

​Little Black Jack

Lead Role: Jack T. Colton

Living In PA home

FaustHouse Raider's of the Lost Ark


Lead Role: Indiana Jones

​Living In NC home

All puppies are currently in their forever homes.

Located in Central North Carolina

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FaustHouse Havanese