May 2021- Reserved

Ahsoka and Rocky will be ready for homes May 2021



February/March 2021 - Reserved

​Ready for homes spring 2021

Spring 2021

Ahsoka and Rocky

January 2021- Reserved

Smoochie and Toby puppies ready for homes in May/June 2021


Smoochie and Toby

​January 2021

Located in Central North Carolina

 To Contact Us:  (336) 406-3011

FaustHouse Havanese


Cricket and Max

February 2021


Upcoming Planned Litters

Dates and times are only estimations of when we think the girls will go into season and be mated.  The girls typically go into season for breeding every 6 months. 

Some girls will only come into season as late as every 9 months. 

Sometimes, when a girl comes into season, she can bring another girl into season just by being around the other fertile girl.