FaustHouse Havanese

 Week 9:

Outdoor playing continues depending on the weather, along with outdoor potty instructions, making sure to protect puppy from big birds of prey and other hazzards.

Learning "Out"

Learning "In"

Week 10:

Ready to go home to new families to learn their routines.

Please be prepared to travel if you are out of state.  We do not ship puppies, they are not cargo, but precious lives.


Week 8:

Doggie Door Training begins.  Puppies can begin to go to their new homes, especilly those with prior dog owning/training experience, depending on the puppy's level of maturity.


Week 7:

Continue with all the above learning,
Add collar wearing, playing fetch, 
Learning how to receive a treat and Pack eating.


Week 6:

Puppies starts to interact with adult dogs.  Teeth are starting to emerge.  Chew toys are very valuable.   Curiosity helps with discovery of new environment and situations,  like tile and hardwood floors, concrete, grass.  Food is switched over to hard foods along with some softer food.   First Set of Shots are given, Outdoor exposure and play starts if weather permits.


Week 5:

Puppies start to like the food mush but still want some milk occasionally.  Crate training begins in the playpen either with plastic crates, wire crates, little dog houses, caves or all the above.


Week 4:

Mush is introduced with Mom teaching them to lick and eat the mush.  The Weaning process begins.  Grooming, with a brush and Nail Clipping continues along with hinny trims.  Kid Play exposure begins along with toy exposures.   Puppies graduate to a puppy playpen with a floor and an ex-pen.


Week 3:

Puppy's ears are starting to open. They start working on leg strength as they wobble around in the pen, coming over to Mom for milk.  Puppies start tracking people's voices with their eyes and ears.  Accuity starts to improve.  Pee Pee Pad training begins, along with Bell Training.

Week 2:

Puppy's eyes open and they start learning to track something in slow motion.  Human touch and voice continues to be imprinted.  Puppies are still in the Whelping pen.  Nail and hinny trimming begins as nails grown and stool starts to be more formed.

Week 1:

Puppies learn suckling and bonding with their mom.  They are learning to imprint Mom's smell and human mom's touch.  Weight almost doubles from birth. Puppies are in the whelping pen with heaters and heating pads to maintain body temperature control.  At this point, their sense of smell is really getting developed.

Having been a teacher, I strongly believe in structure and skills that must be mastered from children and puppies in order to have better success.  For a puppy growing up in my home, there are topics that are addressed almost each week.  They may not have mastered each item, however, they will have been exposed to different situations, scenerios and items.  Below is a list of some of the things that I teach while here at my home.  Once in their new homes, routine, consistency, follow-through and continual training will assist with producing the best dog you have ever owned.  Remember, dogs do not come in ready made packages.  You will need to train your puppy.

Training Curriculum:

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