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FaustHouse Havanese

The Little Havanese Zoom-Zoomers

Written by Anna Faust

Published in 2015


Age: All / REVIEWED BY VONDA HENDERSON for Forsyth Women

_The Little Havanese Zoom-Zoomers_ is a fun book to share with
children to gain an appreciation of an adventurous day for a family of
Havanese dogs and their owner. The author is from North Carolina and
has a love of the Havanese breed as an owner and breeder/handler. The
writing style is quite poetic and Dr. Seuss-like in cadence. Along
with the doggy adventures of playing together and looking for their
toys, the gardens they play in are beautifully described. It is clear
that gardening is something special and valued for its beauty and
colors. The interaction of the dogs and their quest for play around
the plant beds is like running with them and viewing the freshness of
a warm spring day. The artwork is lovely in its detail, and a dog
lover will enjoy sharing the Havanese story with his or her children. 

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