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Sleep Time

Your Havanese puppy is used to sleeping with several siblings, so to feel lonely and cry the first couple of nights is normal.  When you are ready for bed, get into a routine of taking puppy to use the potty, and using a verbal que such as, "Okay, it's night night time, lets get in your bed." Use a crate just big enough for puppy to go in, turn around and lay down to sleep.  If you are using a larger crate, you can section the crate to make it smaller, or you can place a puppy pad to the back of the crate and a small blanket in to the front section.  I don't recommend the larger crate while they are young.  I recommend the crate to be big enough for them to sleep in only.  

When using a small crate, set the crate on a sturdy chair, stool or table at the level with your bed, beside where you are going to sleep.  That way puppy can see you while they are trying to fall asleep.  They might feel insecure and will most likely cry some at first.  When your puppy cries out, simply roll over and place your fingers through the wire door, touching his/her nose or paws.  Don't sweet talk, Just say, "no-no" in a soft and reassuring way.  Have your fingers there for reassurance.  Whatever you do......... do NOT take him/her out of the crate unless you need to change the bedding or you feel they are trying to tell you they need to potty.  If you need to change the bed, do it quickly without talking or playing with your puppy.  This breed is very smart and could use the crying to wear you down and manipulate you into taking them out of the crate.  Once they learn you are easily manipulated.... Game ON!   Crying times could increase from 15 minutes to now 30 minutes.  By the third or fourth week of consistent routine, you should be able to take the crate off of the table or stool and place it beside of your bed, inside a wire playpen, in the bathroom or kitchen.  

Getting through these first few weeks might be a little painful, but once they get into a routine, you will have established a safe sleeping area for your new baby while you are away or sleeping comfortably.  I do not recommend puppy sleeping in the bed with you for at least 6 months, or until they have established a reliable bowel habit.  Be strong. Trust me, I know this is hard and have experienced night crate training first hand.  I do it with all of my dogs.  They don't live in their crates, but they do sleep in them and all get good night's rest, as do I.  Remember, going to a new home will have new sounds, smells, people and living arrangements.  Even the refrigerator will sound differently and can be scary.  Your puppy needs to know you are there for them by establishing trust.  However, don't allow them to constantly cling to you.  This could later cause separation anxiety when you are not available. 

A wire crate is wonderful or a hard plastic crate that you can easily clean.  They will be used to sleeping in a crate since they were around 3-4 weeks old.  

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