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FaustHouse Havanese

Once we shared our story with Anna Faust, she invited our family to meet with Vader. It was love at first sight!! We took to Vader immediately and he took to us as well. Gentle by nature, we felt he was perfect for our family of five (two parents and three daughters). After doing more research, we learned that Anna guarantees all of her puppies’ health, and takes great loving care of them as their first human mommy. She won’t transport them as cargo, so potential parents must be willing to travel to pick their puppy up. She does initial vaccinations, as well as crate, potty, and walking training. She also has a long record of award-winning show Havanese whom she breeds. Wow! Again, we felt it was destiny!On February 17, after meeting with Anna Faust’s veterinarian and getting a clean bill of health, we brought our adorable puppy Vader home with a large puppy blanket, treats, toys and handbook provided by Fasthouse Havanese. Since then, Anna has been there for us whenever we’ve had questions about Vader’s care and training. We could not have asked for a better partner in raising Vader than Anna Faust. If you’re looking for a healthy, well-bred, much-loved Havanese puppy, we highly recommend Fausthouse Havanese.  The Bagley Family

J. F. June 2020:

On March 17, 2019, I lost my Fergie to a severe heart condition.  She was the love of my life and I never thought I could ever welcome another dog into my home and my life.  Well, life was lonely without a fur baby, so I started to research breeds and breeders.  That is when I came upon the Havanese and Anna.  Life was changed.  Wow, what an incredible website, credentials, testimonials and absolutely beautiful dogs and puppies.  I was hooked and that is when the procedure started to adopt. First, the care that Anna takes to screen potential parents was welcoming and then her telephone "interview" gets to know you call with you was also welcoming and fun.  Anna has an incredible personality, but her attention to care to whom she welcomes to adopt one of her puppies lets you know how serious she takes the process and just how much she cares about every puppy she helps bring into this world.  Now, don't get me started on the webcam availability one the puppies are born.  To have the ability to watch the puppies grow and mature, OMG, I can't begin to tell you how much time I spent watching them every day.  Last and perhaps equally important is the unlimited access to Anna for advice and just sharing of events in your puppy's life.  Anna is one of a kind, and I am so thankful and grateful I found her and now I have my Pippa who brings me joy and laughter and fills my heart with pure love and joy each day.

The E&T Sugiyamas: June 2019

Jodie is our 3rd Havanese, we also have an 8-year-old (rescue) and 13-year-old. Anna is, without exception, one of the finest breeders in the business. I implore those seeking info to read Anna’s website-multiple times, particularly the section on buyer education. Having dealt with breeders for nearly 40 years, I can assure you Anna is the gold standard by which all breeders should abide. I am very particular and so is Anna. A thorough vetting process from both parties is paramount. It is a privilege to be accepted as a life-long parent for one of her “babies.” Please read all of the references! Each one touches on pertinent info regarding Anna. We “lived” on YouTube for hours as well! Also, she is the only breeder I’ve encountered who has puppies chipped before they go home.

G and C Murphy 10/30/2016:

We are the Murphys.  Two years ago we adopted “Murphy the Muffin Man” from Fausthouse Havanese.  We  had been looking for a dog to share our home, but we did not want another puppy.  We saw that Anna had an adult dog and was looking for a family that would be his forever home.  We met with Anna and were introduced to Murphy.  Shortly after that meeting, we were taking Murphy home with us.  What a joy he has been too.  Adopting an adult dog has been fantastic.  Murphy was well trained and adapted to us very quickly.  Murphy is very easy to travel with, is very adaptable to being with others.  We feel very blessed that we found Fausthouse Havanese, Anna and especially Murphy. (Here is Murphy with a little ball toy in his mouth.)

M. and B. Shutak: June 18, 2019

​​If you are searching for a very special puppy to add to your household, we would suggest that you speak with Anna Faust of Fausthouse Havanese.  After grieving the loss of our dear corgi in late 2017, we began our quest for our next companion.  We researched several breeds and kept returning to the Havanese.  We were fortunate enough to meet Anna and her dear friend Karen Hornsby at a show in Concord in Spring 2018.  They could not have been kinder and gave us the gift of their time and experience (which was all the more remarkable since Anna was extremely busy with club responsibilities in addition to showing her own entry). 

Anna’s dedication to advancing the best the Havanese breed has to offer is on full display on her website.  We were so impressed with the way she made it easy to follow the development of her puppies.  I must confess that the webcam feed became my favorite “secret vice” over the summer of 2018!

We stayed in touch with Anna after the Concord show and, when Smoochie had her first litter in mid-June, we asked Anna to place our names on the list.  After listening carefully to what we were looking for in a companion, she matched us with her little Andy Andes, who we have renamed “Gambit.”  He has brought us so much joy with his fun-loving mischievous “big-boy” attitude to life!  We could not have designed a more perfect fit for our household (aka “GambitLand”).  Anna is a very special person with a very special gift – you can place your trust in her and know that you will receive the gift of honesty.

C. Ray:  March 2019 

This 17 lb. bundle of joy grabbed my heart right away.  He is always making me smile.  He likes walks, belly rubs and going back to bed in the mornings.  Want a delightful companion, then adopt one of the FaustHouse puppies.  Mikie was rehomed when he was 10 years old and has been a pure delight.

V and R  Shanmugham 7/15/2016:

Anna is very passionate and loves her dogs, not only the ones that stay with her, but also the ones that came out of her litters. She has never treated us as a dog buyer, from day one, she's treated us like family. I was very nervous as a first time dog owner, but she taught me everything I need to know each step of the way, found me references to talk to and make me more comfortable. Our puppy is a year and half old and she still is in touch with us and there for us anytime we need her. We are blessed to have found her... 

S. Morissette and M. Aubanel June 2020:

We recently brought home our first Havanese puppy after mourning the loss of our nearly 16 year old miniature schnauzer.  We researched breeds thoroughly as we wanted a small non-shedding dog that would be able to travel with us frequently and tolerate the southern heat.  When we found Anna and FaustHouse Havanese, we knew we had the right breeder.  Her website is extremely thorough, filled with valuable information and videos.  Anna spends time and energy vetting those lucky enough to be chosen to bring home one of her well cared for pups.  She went out of her way to contact all of our references.  Her knowledge and willingness to share information and answer all questions made the process very easy.  

C. Bagley: June 18, 2019

​After losing our precious buttercream Havanese dog suddenly seven years prior, we were finally ready to add a new dog to our family in January 2018. Fans of the family-friendly, hypoallergenic breed, we knew we wanted another Havanese. We decided on looking for a black puppy (the opposite color of our previous furry boy) and name him Vader (Human daddy is a Star Wars fan). We also wanted to make sure we connected with a reputable breeder. We found Fausthouse Havanese through the AKC. Much to our delight—and surprise—they had a black puppy Havanese, already named Vader, born on December 6, 2017, and he was available for adoption . . . just an hour and a half away from us. We felt it was destiny!

M. Barrett:  April 9th, 2019

Faust House Havanese is a one-of-a-kind breeder in a great way. Anna is an AKC Breeder of Distinction and her Havanese  puppies and purchasing policies make it very apparent why!  She carefully plans her limited litters so we waited on her waiting list for quite a while because her puppies are in high demand.  When our litter was born Anna had a live webcam on YouTube.com so the puppies and parents can be seen interacting in real time!  I really “lived” on that site for hours.  Plus, Anna sends frequent updates on the litter as the puppies grow and learn new things every day.  When we arrived at her home we were faced with five gorgeous, fluffy little balls of cotton softness to choose from.  Every puppy was stunning, a bundle of energy, happy and full of licks and love. In preparation for taking our puppy home Anna asked that my husband and I each wear a special tee shirt to bed for several nights to transfer our scent. She then, let our puppy sleep with these shirts!  

 V & JH Pfifferling:

S. Hutchinson: April 7th, 2019

On October 1, 2017, we lost our sweet dog, Fred of over 12 years to a heart ailment.  We were devastated.  We had no idea how we would ever recover.  But by November of the same fall, we decided to start doing the homework to find another puppy for our family.  After extensive research of Havanese breeders, we came across FaustHouse Havanese. We communicated back and forth with Anna several times and decided we loved her attention to detail.  The genetic testing and close continuous monitoring of her dogs and their legacies, is impressive to say the least.  Also, being able to VIEW her available litter in everyday activity was exciting.  Anna is protective and careful and extremely cautious about her placement of her pups in just the right homes.  This was extremely important to us.  December 6th, 2017 a litter of Luna's pups because "available."  We committed to purchasing one of a litter of 5 and became part of the 2 months long process of being matched with just the right dog.  We had become part of the beautiful FaustHouse family!!!  And on Feb. 10th, 2018, we brought home our sweet, precious, perfect Henry.  We drove to Anna's home where we picked him up then she went with us to his first official vet appointment.  Anna stocked us up with special treats and we have had full access to her wisdom, knowledge and advice ever since.  Henry is now a year and half old and he is a pure joy.  Any and all questions we have had, Anna answers for us and checks on us regularly.  Henry is healthy, happy and has been easy to train.  We could not be more pleased with the process we went through to find him.  It was seamless and straightforward and easy.  Anna answered every questions we had, eased any potential concerns and has even connected me with a few other FaustHouse owners I have become friends with.  We will definitely use FaustHouse again in the future.

Hoffman 3/15/2019- Greenville, SC

After a period of grieving for our dear little Hans, a 16 year old miniature Schnauzer, we started researching other breeds.  After much research, we felt the Havanese was a perfect fit for us.  We talked to breeders in SC, GA, TN, NC and Fl.  We also visited as many of the breeders as possible.  When the name Fausthouse  Havanese came up, I went to the web site and liked what I read.    I contacted Anna and filled out the application.  We asked if it would be possible to visit  (at this time she had no puppies and would not have any until later in the spring).  She graciously said we could come for a visit ( even though she had no puppies).  We were very impressed with Anna, the way she handled her dogs, and the fact that the puppies are born in her home and that they are cared for in her home not put in a kennel out somewhere.  At this point, Anna had no puppies on the way but we were so impressed that we went to lunch and came back and paid our deposit.  Luna and Trax had their date and May 24th the babies arrived.  We were able to watch the babies’  progress via the live video Anna set up for us to view.   We also visited the puppies several times.  In August,  we were able to bring  our precious little Savannah Joy home knowing we had a strong, healthy baby girl.  We were so impressed. She was already crate trained, slept all night the first night home and was trained to use pee pads.   (Anybody that has had a new puppy, can certainly appreciate this).   Needless to say Savannah Joy is the apple of our eyes.  She has brought so much happiness and pleasure to us and we owe it all to Anna Faust and the wonderful beginning she gave our puppy.  Anna is not only our breeder but is also our very special friend.  Thank you Anna

​We paid our deposit and waited for the good news when a litter was born.  Smoochie and Maverick welcomed 5 pups on March 5th and we were able to watch the pups live on YouTube from day 1.  This was around the time that Covid-19 pandemic hit and watching the pups became a wonderful distraction and allowed us even more time to focus on them.  Havanese pups have the advantage of looking different from their siblings so it was easy to be able to see the different personalities emerge.  The live feeds really made us feel apart of their lives and allowed us to recreate a very similar environment at home to ease the transition for our sweet little Arlo.  It was so clear to us how much work, effort and love goes into raising the absolute best pups.  Anna made the most of the situation with the pandemic and kept everyone safe when we went to pick up our pup.  We decided that it was the safest to drive even though we are 12 hours away, but our little Arlo, (Honey Bunny Blaine) handled it like a champ.  Our Veterinarian was notably impressed with how clean and healthy she was and remarked the rareness of not having any single issues or concerns.  Arlo was given a perfect health inspection report and he even jokingly offered to keep her.  It's a real testament to Anna's health testing that to this day, Arlo has never vomited or had diarrhea- unusual in my experience with young pups.  She is a perfect healthy and happy puppy.  As we train her and do our best to socialize her as completely as possible, she has become a favorite in the neighborhood, having made many new friends both human and canine.  She is already such an important part of our family and we are so thrilled and thankful to Anna for making it possible.  I would not hesitate to use Anna in the future and know that it is worth the wait to find the right responsible breeder whose focus is to better the breed instead of churning out designer versions.

S. Kumar 3/11/2019

Hello!  Havanese it was!!  It was the quickest decision that we as a family were able to take.  Finding FaustHouse Havanese was the icing on the cake.  We got our "Peaches" for my daughter's 16th birthday.  Peaches is an amazing fit for her who was terrified of dogs.  We we approached Anna, she was very understanding and went out of her way to help us.  There were only four in the litter that year and we had no hope of getting a puppy since we were quite late in submitting out deposit.  It was just a miracle that we were chosen.  The puppies were beautiful, healthy and well looked after.  Throughout the years, Anna has always been helpful with any questions or concerns we had.  My little fur baby is the queen of the house.  We are forever obliged.  Shalini

On pick-up day Anna met with us to review details of everything we needed to know and assisted us in filling out AKC paperwork. We also got a large goody bag filled with stuff we needed to get started! Then, we and our pup and his mother and Anna went to the vet where he was thoroughly examined, de-wormed and given the last look over by her vet. Anna rubbed Tanner and his mother each with separate blankets so they could leave with each other’s scents to take home. These are the wonderful things Anna does that touched my heart.  We have become family and she and her show dogs are welcome anytime in our home. She is still there when I need her.  Anna’s dogs are always her top concern above all else. We are retired and our Tanner has brought us boundless amounts of love, companionship and happiness. He is incredibly adorable and a real social butterfly!  EVERYBODY loves Tanner. For real!!  We could not be happier.   Also, he came to us pee pee pad trained. Never ever had an accident.  What a bonus!!

D and J Davenport Family 11/15/2016:

If you are researching breeders for a Havanese puppy, you’ve hit the Jackpot and we’ve won Twice! Anna Faust is a Top-Notch breeder who will become a part of your family as well.  I never really knew the true love, dedication, and hard work that breeders put into their litters until I saw Anna at work. The webcam provides a peek into her Heart, as she lovingly cares for the puppies and the adults as well.

We keep in close contact with Anna.  We visit, share pictures, and she is always available to answer any questions.  Our two, Wicket and Rey, are not only cute and adorable, but they have the best personalities and exude happiness wherever they go.  We feel so lucky that we found Anna and now have the best four-legged children to make our family complete.

The BB family: June 2019

​“It didn’t take long for us to learn that Anna is more than just a breeder. Each puppy is part of her family and that love means each puppy is happy, healthy, and ready to transition to his new family. Winston has been such an amazing addition to our family. One day, maybe soon, when it’s time to add a sister for Winston, Anna will be my first call.

L & E J's:

 F& B Pickett 9/4/2015
We are so glad we found Anna and her pups.  We believe she provides the perfect environment for preparing pups for their new homes.  Our dog, Hank, is smart, laid back and extremely lovable.  He is the most popular dog in our neighborhood—everyone loves Hank and remarks on what a sociable fella he his.   Hank is  good with children and other dogs and has filled our lives with lots of doggy love.  Anna is always available to answer questions and give advice when needed. If you are looking for a well adjusted pet, you have found the right place at Fausthouse Havanese.


P. Wolfe and family: Ponte Vedra Beach Florida said:   September 12th, 2010 9:51 am
Anna: We just love Mitzie. She just jumped right into our family and has never looked back. She and our other, older, Havanese (Sophie) are inseparable. Mitzie is overflowing with affection. She loves attention and is full of fun. She is always ready to play. My three kids just love her to death and we all look for her the minute we walk in the door. Mitzie and Sophie are members of our family. We can't imagine life without them. Thanks so much for such a well adjusted, friendly, happy pet! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you or your dogs to anyone who has a room in their life for a loving companion. Thank you and best of luck in your future endeavors. 

H. Boe & Family of California said:   September 23rd, 2010 7:54 pm
We are the proud family who adopted the 'dream' shorthair choc/white Havanese from Anna that Mari Bailey-Villanueva wrote about in June! He is a very soulful and happy boy who just graduated from obedience class! He is the smartest dog I have ever encountered! He learned every trick we have taught him within a few minutes, he is extremely agile with great leaping ability and, as a bonus, he actually smiles! His markings are so beautiful and his hair is insanely glossy and soft. We get stopped everywhere we take him by people wanting to pet him and find out just what type of dog he is. No one ever guesses right! Ha. My daughter has found a best friend in Dodger (Riley). We still can't believe our good luck in having found a dog who is so playful yet so very loving with each of us! Even our 9 month old son gets his fair share of licks! Ha. We are so thankful to you Anna for this treasured new member of our family!

R and J Beebe said:   October 28th, 2010 10:25 am
If you are looking for a sweet Havanese puppy-LOOK NO FURTHER! We have had the wonderful privilege of owning not one but two of these wonderful Havanese puppies from Anna at Faust House Havanese. We first got Ms Bella back in March of 2008 and just loved our interactions with Anna and her true love and care for these puppies as well as her knowledge & professionalism as a breeder. We were so impressed with Anna and of course just love our little Bella more than words can say, that we decided to get a second puppy in May of 2010 from Anna. His name is Mr Benjamin and he is actually Bella's brother! They are both from Molly & Maverick. Now Bella & Benjamin have each other to play with while we are at work during the day, and they are just the best of friends!! It is so wonderful that they have bonded so well and it just makes my heart smile. So if you are considering getting a puppy from Faust House Havanese, or even a 2nd or 3rd, take my advice, it's worth every penny!! Thank you again Anna. We consider you a true friend and hope to visit with you someday soon. God Bless, Renee, Jeff, Bella & Benjamin Beebe

R & L Perkins said:   October 15th, 2012 8:26 pm
Anna, oh how we adore Monte. He is such a good boy! Although we have had him only a few days, he has won our hearts...so much personality, and playfulness. We love him so much. He is the way he is because you put so much love and time into your puppies. So glad we found you!!!

B &A Matheison said:   October 17th, 2014 10:20 pm
If you're looking for the most wonderful of pets, visit Fausthouse Havanese and talk with Anna! Bodie, our 18 month, black&white, precious pup is the joy of our lives. He is intelligent, sensitive, loving, obedient and beautiful, with the happiest disposition on earth...you cannot be in a "down mood" with Bodie around! Although we have had other breeds in the past, the Havanese is by far our choice over all others. Of course, we credit Anna for all of Bodie's traits because she is the master breeder! Her puppies are well-bred, well-planned, and especially well-loved as newborns....which is the perfect combination! Bodie was shown to his championship by Anna in 6 months.  His full name is CH FaustHouse Oriental Flying Circus. What a clown.

D and D Hagar said:   November 11th, 2014 7:18 pm
Our little "Levi" has become the social butterfly of our neighborhood here in Fredericksburg, VA. He gets along with all humans and plays very well with other dogs and kids. Anna's love and care of her Havanese definitely comes through as he is a great little dog with tons of personality. For those folks interested in the breed we can not say enough about the quality of Anna's line. Looking elsewhere for a Havanese is not necessary as she has the best line going which takes the guesswork out of the equation.