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FaustHouse Havanese



  • ProPlan Focus Chicken for Toy Breed Dogs, under 10lbs.
  • Ultra Puppy dog food by Nutro
  • Purebite treats- dehydrated chicken and liver
  • Nylabones
  • Bullisticks
  • BilJacs Liver treats 
  • BilJacs Peanut Butter treats
  • Blue Buffalo Bites or Jerky
  • Pill Pockets- chicken flavor for treats and pills
  • ​Midwest Crates and Expens- double doors
  • Bolster beds
  • Chris Christensen shampoos, brushes and combs
  • Pure Paws shampoos
  • Isle of Dog shampoos and conditioners
  • Table Works Hairdryer clamp
  • Max can chicken , lamb and rice formula by Nutro
  • Elk Bones
  • Pet Botanics chicken and beef for training
  • Greyhound comb
  • Smart bones- pressed chicken and peanut butter NOT RAWHIDES they are fully digestible.
  • White Pines leashes and collars
  • ​Lupine step-in harnesses

A lot of the items may be purchased through any regular pet store like Petsmart, Petco, Pet Supermarket, Pet Supplies Plus, etc. There are several items listed that can only be purchased through a distributor or a website such as Tableworks.comCherryBrook.com, PetEdge.com, Dog.com, Chewy.com.

  • A well-loved FaustHouse Havanese Puppy
  • Access to a FaustHouse New Owner's Puppy Pamphlet on-line
  • Current Vet. Visit record with up-to-date Health and Shot Record
  • A copy of the health guarantee contract and sales contract
  • A sample packet of current food and treats
  • Puppy receiving Blanket
  • Puppy Toy and bone​ 
  • Registered AKC puppy (completed on-line by the breeder)
  • ​Microchipped puppy

Registration of the puppy will be filled out at the breeder's home.  Seven days after the day of Pick-Up, the AKC transaction will be completed electronically.  That is an additional $75 whether it be cash or check.

Note: For full registration (breeding or showing rights), there are additional contracts and requirements that are non-negotiable.  Not all puppies are eligible for Full Registration status.  Not all puppies are eligible for show contracts, or breeding potential.

 There are Grooming videos on-line for review to help you know what process I will be performing prior to you picking up your new puppy.  Please allow 1 hour for your pick up visit.   I recommend a hard puppy carrying case about a 10" X 19".  You can purchase one at Walmart, PetSmart, PetCo, or Pet Supply Plus for approximately $30-$40.
 You will need to bring some kind of harness, collar or leash on pick up day.  Most likely it will need to be an adjustable collar, harness of XXS.

Who is our Vet?

Mitchell Spindel or any of the other wonderful vets at 2 locations:

Animal Ark Clemmons

3515 Lawrence Street

Clemmons, NC 27012


Or at

Animal Ark Brassfield

​3205 Brassfield Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27410


       Below are pictures of items that I use with my dogs.


#1  What food am I feeding the puppies?     Pro Plan Focus  Chicken and Rice formula for toy breeds.  The recent craze in diets have suggested feeding all Grain-Free diets.  I do NOT recommend this for 2 reasons; 1- small dogs can not process all of the protein and can form painful urine crystals or kidney stones.  Protein content should be lower than 30%.  2- There has been a very strong link to congestive heart failure to an all grain free diet.  We do not have wolves.  Our canines have been domesticated for a long time.  They have not had a need for all of the protein.

#2 What shots/vaccines will the puppy already have?  1 distemper/Parvo booster.  They will need 4 Distemper/Parvo shots before 16 weeks old to have good immunity.  The vaccines need to be spaced 4 weeks apart.  Your vet will know how to schedule the vaccines according to the AVMA.

#3 Will the puppies already be de-wormed?  yes 1 time.  Your vet may chose to give another dose.

#4 What size of collar or harness will my puppy be wear when going home?  Adjustable XXsmall, or 12"-18" chest harness size.

#5  How much has my puppy been eating daily?  I will not know an exact amount because I graze feed all my puppies together in one big bowl.  We monitor their weights to know they are getting enough food.  I recommend taking the recommended daily amount and placing that in a bowl.  Place it down in the morning and if that amount is still available at the end of the day, you know your puppy is not eating as much as is recommended. 

If you feed 2-3 times a day by removing the food bowl after each feeding,  I would measure out the recommended amount for the day, place it in the bowl and each time you place the bowl in the pen, use the left overs in the bowl from the previous feeding.  By the end of the day, if there is not enough food or too much left over, you will have a way of telling how much food your puppy is eating.

#6  What treats do I feed the puppies?  I probably will not have been filling up their tummies with treats as they need their nourishment to grow.  Any of the treats below will be good potentials.  You will just need to find something that is soft, that they really like to work for to receive, and small enough to not fill up on empty calories as they might be getting quiet a few when being rewarded.  They sometimes can be full of extra fat and calories that can cause diarrhea.

Puppy Packets:

What will come with your New Adoption?