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  • Keep electrical cords, shoes, chokeable items out of reach.

  • Monitor the way your puppy plays with his toys.  Small parts may come off causing a choking hazard or a bowel obstruction, if eaten.  Ex. hard plastic eyes on a toy, plastic ring on a plastic bottle, cap from a bottle.  Never let puppy play with children's stuffed toys.  There are polymers inside the toys that can cause bowl obstructions.  It's the same drying chemical in a powder form that is inside of disposable diapers or paper pee pee pads.

  • Keep household and garden chemicals high up out of reach or locked away from puppy, including anti-freeze.

  • Keep garbage cans/bags secured from puppy, including plastic bags, and balloons.

  • Know where your puppy is located BEFORE moving your vehicle.  How horrible to run over your new puppy.

  • Place puppy in a safe place away from busy streets. Teach "Come" as soon as possible.  This could be the life-saving command your puppy would know.

  • Give puppy an identification tag in case he wanders off.  Best is a registered microchip under the skin.  There are several services that register the microchip.  Ex. AKC ReUnite, Home Again.com, AVID, RegisterMicrochip.com, etc.

  • Make sure babygates are secured properly at the tops or bottoms of the stairs so puppy will not fall from high places.

  • Make sure to supervise puppy while out on a balcony, stairs or deck.  The slats in between the rails may be big enough for puppy to slip through and fall.  You may need to place a small mess fence around the balcony perimeter to ensure safety so that puppy does not slip through the slats and fall to his death. 

  • Keep all chocolate and hard candies away from puppy.  It is a toxic poison to dogs and can kill them, as other things listed on the ASPCA site.

  • Travel with puppy in a special doggy seat or crate in the backseat, secured safely.  There is only 1 seat that has passed the crash test safety tests at this time.  All other devices have failed 100%.  It's called PupSaver.   http://www.pupsaver.com/.  I travel with a crate secured to the passenger seats.

  • Never leave your puppy alone in the car, especially during hot summer times. 

  • Never leave your puppy closed up in a car on a hot day for ANY amount of time.  "A hot day" is very subjective.... When you might think it is not hot, your dog, who is dressed in a long haired coat, might be burning up.  Heat can kill.  How horrible to go into a store for just 15-20 minutes and it turned into an hour.  When you return to your car, your dog is dead, dying from a heat stroke.  This would be tragic, preventable and horrible.  Either leave your car running with the air conditioner running, don't take your dog shopping with you, or take your dog in the store are the only options.  Leaving a dog in a hot car is never an option.

Curiosity can kill a dog just as easily as it can a cat.  Puppies are not fearful or aware of dangers that could hurt them.  As a good new responsible owner, it is your responsibility to puppy proof your puppy's environment.  You can do some of the following things to help protect your little one.


How to Puppy Proof  Your Home

It's about 2 weeks before puppy will go to a new forever home.  What in the world should I do to get the house ready for a new puppy?  Here are some things to think about as you prepare your home for safety.  It's almost like bringing a new born baby home.  What will we need to do?