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FaustHouse Havanese

FaustHouse Be Mine, Sweetheart Valentina

Valentina, Now known as Widget.

Fancy delivered 5 boys and 2 girls

by Emergent C-Section on February 5th, 2015

Fancy and Zinger

FaustHouse Pumpkin N' Spice with Everything Nice, "Fancy"

FaustHouse Be Mine, My Little Casanova

2.8 Oz. 

(Feb. 5, 2015-Feb 15, 2015)

We were blessed to have loved him for 10 days.  He was just too small and frail to survive.

​Rest Well my little Man.... You will always hold a special place in my heart.

FaustHouse Be Mine, Hunka Hunka Love

"Elvis"  Now known as Bentley

FaustHouse Be Mine, Rock Me Amadeus

"Amadeus" Now known as Jagger

GCH Nirvana's Wild Berry "Zinger"


OFA Test:

FaustHouse Be Mine, Total Eclipse of the Heart

"Venus", Now Known as Luna

FaustHouse Be Mine, Affair of the Heart

"Romeo"  Now Known as Tucker

FaustHouse Be Mine, True Lover Playboy

"Playboy" Now known as Rocket.