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Exercise is an important part of a puppy's overall health and well being, but his curiosity will ensure that he gets enough exercise for awhile.  When puppy's a few months old, you will need to try walking him with a leash while in the house or a fenced back yard.  You may want to start with a harness or a kitty safety collar, that way if the collar gets stuck on something, the collar will break away free without hanging puppy by his neck.  

Next, while in a safe area (in the house or fenced yard), try attaching the leash to the harness while coaching puppy with a light gentle pull.  This way if puppy starts to have a "hissy fit", you can simply let go without a fear of him running away or into a busy street or worse yet, getting hit by a car.  If puppy will not walk on a leash, try making it a fun game.  Hook puppy to his leash/harness, use a good squeaky toy to dangle in front of puppy so he will proceed forward.  Once puppy has figured out it is not anything to fear, walks will get easier.  

If puppy will not walk on a leash, NEVER hook puppy to the leash and drag him around.  This will teach him to fear this activity.  Once he has mastered the feeling of a gentle tug and moving forward, switch to a secure harness and start out the door for an afternoon stroll.  If using a collar, make sure it is a secure collar that is sized tight enough to where the puppy's ears can not slip out backwards.   Keep in mind that his manageable exercise level and time for his age will be less than a grown dog.  If you are walking puppy with grown dogs, plan on carrying puppy part of the way.  Puppies need a lot of sleep for the first couple of months.  They play hard in small spurts of about 30 minutes to 1 hour, then sleep 3-4 hours.  Always hold the leash good and tight.   I do not recommend the flex-leads for ANY dog.  It does not allow you to have any control over the dog, can harm you, the dog, or place the dog in harms way before you can regain control.  They need a leash 6 ft. or less in length.

Exercising Your Puppy