Located in Central North Carolina

 To Contact Us:  (336) 406-3011

FaustHouse Havanese

If you are interested in securing a puppy from an upcoming litter, I invite you to fill out an application on line​ (linked).  After your references are reviewed, and you are approved, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be accepted to save you a pick spot in the litter, not a specific puppy.  My puppies are $3000 total unless otherwise marked.  

 Once a deposit is received, if I do not have a puppy for you, your deposit is refundable and will be returned, or you may choose to roll your deposit to the next litter.  If you choose to remove your name from the wait list, after your deposit has been received, the deposit is non-refundable.  I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason at any time without a stated reason.  It is my responsibility to ensure a forever loving family along with safety.​

Due to Covid-19, No in-home visits are permitted at this time.  Pick ups will be made in the order that the deposits are received on pick up days.  Meetings will be in a location that social distancing can be practiced along with wearing a mask at pick up day.

There are no puppies available at this time.​​

Click here for the Live  Webcam Link on YouTube.com

Or you can search FaustHouse Havanese on YouTube.com

When we have developing puppies, please look for the "live" link so you can watch them as they grow.

Youtube.com continuously disconnects streams, so you will possibly need to search the kennel name.

Current Litter