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FaustHouse Havanese

Maverick as a puppy

left to right

Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy

Brock- 3rd out at 11:44 pm 5.6 oz.  Male 

If you are interested in securing a puppy from an upcoming litter, I invite you to fill out an application on line​ (linked).  After your references are reviewed, and you are approved, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be  accepted to save you a pick spot in the litter, not a specific puppy.  My puppies are $2500 total unless otherwise marked.  

Families will be invited to start their visits when puppies have had their 1st set of shots around 6 weeks old.  Once a deposit is received, if I do not have a puppy for you, your deposit is refundable and will be returned, or you may choose to roll your deposit to the next litter.  If you choose to remove your name from the wait list, the deposit is non-refundable.  I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason at any time without a stated reason.  It is my responsibility to ensure a forever loving family along with safety.​

Baxter- 5th out at 1:14 am 8.3 oz.  Male

Blaine- 2nd out at 1130pm 7.0 oz.  Female

 Current Litter

1st pick- Reserved NC (CR)

2nd pick- Reserved LA (SM)

3rd pick- Reserved NC (JF)

4th Pick-  Reserved NC (RM)

5th Pick- Available

Velvet- 4th out at 12:37am 8.3 oz.  Female

Next Litter Summer 2020

Cricket and Wilson

1st pick- Reserved Breeder

2nd pick- Reserved NC (PD)

3rd pick- Reserved GA (GP)

4th Pick-  Available

5th Pick- Available

Smoochie and Maverick's Sable Litter

Born:  March 5th, 2020.

​3 boys and 2 girls

Go-Home date in early May 2020. 

​We have 1 available puppy pick from this current litter.  Accepting applications.

Bolt- 1st out at 10pm 7.2oz.   Male

Available Puppies

Smoochie as a puppy