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FaustHouse Havanese

Breeding Partner since 2017:  Karen Hornsby

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About Us

Hello, my name is Anna.  I am an active Havanese Club of America club member, along with several other dog related clubs.  I am a former school teacher and currently am a nurse.  

When I was a science teacher, my room, to put it plainly, was a zoo.  It was not due to bad child behavior, but for all the animals present.  We had lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, rabbits, and some days cats and dogs.  At times, I felt like Noah leading his animals two-by-two.  I believed that the more comfortable a child was in their surrounding environment, the more relaxed they were which could lead to more effective learning.

I have always loved pets.  I enjoy using my free time to dedicate to breeding, birthing, showing, and training of havanese dogs and puppies.  After many years of research, I found an unexpected love for the havanese breed.  I visited numerous breeders, heard their opinions of different breeds, researched family lineages of dogs and finally came to one conclusion.......I love the havanese breed.  Once you spend time with one, I feel certain that you too, will feel the same way.

The way I came up with my kennel name goes back to when I was a teacher.  When the children were changing classrooms, there was one boy named Richard, who was the door monitor.  When the bell was getting ready to ring, he would start shouting into the hallway, like the town cryer, "Come on everybody, hurry up and get into the Faust House."  They knew if the bell rang and they were left outside of the door, they were locked out and had to report to detention.  When I asked him why he warned everyone everyday in the same manner, he stated, "Ms. Faust, it's always a trip in here, who would want to miss out on all of this?  This is your house and out there is the street, so I call it the Faust House."  After that year, all the students started calling me Ms. FaustHouse.  Every now and then I see a former student and they still call me Ms. FaustHouse.  With the name, I thought that would be a good way to commemorate such a fun part of my past with such an enjoyable present hobby.  Raising and fostering havanese is a hobby for me, not a career.  I, like most hardworking people, have a full time job.  Dogs just happen to be a fun part of my life away from work.  I am not a kennel that has tons of dogs or a kennel building separated from my home.  My puppies are hand raised in my home or in my breeding partner's home. 

Breeder:  Anna Faust

AKC Bronze Breeder of Merit 2015



Phone:  336-406-3011