Located in Central North Carolina

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There are 4 boys.  2 Boys are solid black from nose to toes.  There is 1 boy who has some white on his toes and chest.  The other boy, well, you can see he is a gold sable.




Registered Names of the puppies:

FaustHouse Super One Way Yago Tripper- Yago

FaustHouse Lonely Heart Sgt. Pepper- Pepper

FaustHouse Maxwell Silver Hammer down Abby Rd.- Maxwell

FaustHouse Here Comes the Sun- Sonny

Winnie and Luca's puppies arrived on April 9th, 2018 at 8:30pm by emergent C-Section. 

All puppies and mommie are safe and healthy.  We have 4 beautiful boys. 

FaustHouse Havanese

Winnie and Luca


Gilwood's Fair Lady Gwyndolyn


LuvBug's Cabo San Lucas Belamour


All Puppies are in their forever homes.

​Puppies were born Monday, 4/9/2018