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Vaccines and De-Worming:

Research shows that puppies born and living with a mother that takes a monthly de-wormer pill do not need to be de-wormed prophylactic. (just because)  If there are stool issues as the litter is developing, a fecal exam would be performed and then treated accordingly.  Puppies will need a fecal exam on their first vet visit and if worms are found, then treated.  

Below is a table so that you can write down when the vaccines/boosters/medications were given and when the next ones will be due.  Remember, some of these will vary depending on where you live and the pest/animals/insects in your region.  All puppies will need the core vaccines, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies, no matter where you live.  Your vet will help guide you in making your decisions of what to give your puppy and what not to give.  If you 'don't have deer/ticks/Lyme's disease, then you most likely will not need to give a tick preventative.  I do NOT give my dogs the Lepto vaccine or the Lyme vaccines.  These vaccines run a higher risk of bad reactions with Havanese.  My dogs do not drink stagnant water that foxes, raccoons, outdoor vermin or deer that has been peed in, nor do I have deer in my area.  I have not seen a tick in over 19 years at my house.  Below, is an example of a vaccine schedule for a litter.  The gray boxes are the vaccines and medications you need to give your puppy with your vet's recommended times.