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So, as you can see by some of our past puppies, the havanese dog is constantly a changing colored dog that comes in many varieties of patterns and colors, not just black and white.  In the genetics pool, there is the dilute gene and the silvering gene, along with black, liver (chocolate), cream, white, red, silver and blue.  For show, all colors are acceptable except the blue.

Peaches- Sable
She was born a brindle color

Mitzie- Sable 
She was born Brindle/black-tri-colored


Black and White Parti


Chocolate Parti

FaustHouse Havanese

Born a White with Apricot colored ears 
eye lashes and a spot.  
Now a white dog.

CocoBean- Silver Chocolate 
Born Chocolate

Changing Colors

Are you sure you want a Havanese?
    Well if the answer is yes, then you need to select what you want your new child to look like.  You can use this helpful link listed below to figure out what colors, patterns and appearance you want to end up with.  Beware, what you choose as a puppy, may not always stay the way you imagine it.  As a breeder, I never make any guarantee on what your finished product will look like, just healthy and lovable.  Take a look at older Havanese before and after pictures to get a better idea of the changes to expect.  Below are some pictures of puppies as they transform.  Also, there is a website listed below with more color information.  Just remember that Havanese are always changing colors.