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The Adoption Process:

First of all, I only produce 2-3 litters per year, if that.  If you don't see any puppies listed under the "Available puppies" tab, I invite you to inquire whether or not I have puppies available.  If I do not have any puppies, chances are, I know of another reputable breeder in the Havanese Community that has puppies or is about to have puppies.

The Havanese breed is such a lovable and desirable breed. It is not uncommon to be on a waiting list.  Some families have had to wait from 6-9 months before getting the right puppy.  To get on my wait/notify list, I ask that you send me an inquiry or an application.  I will then notify you of puppies available or the status of an up-coming litter.  All inquiries will be held for up to one year.

Once puppies are born, I will send out a mass e-mail notifying everyone on the list that they have arrived.  At that time, if you have not filled out an on-line application, I invite you to do so, so that your references may be checked.  The application will ask for 3 references, with one being from a veterinarian, either past or present and 2 other's from person's that know you, your family's environment and living situation.  Please remember to inform those people that I will be calling to ask information about your family.  Before a home visit is scheduled, an application with checked references is required.  If you are not interested in filling out an application/questionnaire, then you don't want one of my puppies.

I ask that you fill out the questionnaire to tell me a little bit about you and your family so that the puppy will match your expectations.  Not all puppies are suitable for each family situation.  Some puppies will only be available with show prospect expectations, others will be sold as pets.

Not only do I check your references, but I offer a supply of references from families that have adopted one of my puppies.  I encourage you to do your homework as recommended by AKC for choosing a responsible breeder.  I also have the guestbook where some families have chosen to give their feedback regarding their puppy adoption experience.

Once I know a female is pregnant, I will usually start accepting deposits from a set number of families to hold a pick number.  All approved families will be notified of the arrival, so everyone has the equal opportunity to submit their deposit for holding a position.  Once the puppies are born, I will accept more deposits or offer refunds, depending on how many were born.  I take deposits on a first come first serve basis from approved families to hold them a puppy pick number, not a particular puppy.  For example, if you were on the approved list, and your deposit arrived first, you would get the first pick from the puppies (after the breeder's choice).  If your deposit was second, you would get the second pick from the litter.  

For weeks 2-6, a webcam is available to watch the puppies from day to day.  There will be a link address.

Home visits are allowed after puppies have had their first set of shots.  That is approximately around 6 weeks of age.  Havanese puppies typically don't leave home until around 10-12 weeks of age.  During your home visit, if it is not time for puppy to go to their new home, I ask that you bring and leave a "dirty smelly old T-shirt" that you and other family members have worn for several days so that puppy can start learning your smells during crate training.  If you have any pets currently living in your home, I ask that you bring old socks, one for each pet.  During the visit, you will be able to rub your puppy with the socks so that you may take their smell back home for your pets to prepare for the new arrival.  Some families have stuffed their socks to form a little smelly tube.  If your pet will be flying to his/her new home, you will be asked to mail a shirt and socks for puppy.  You will get your clothes back on your pick-up day, but please only send old items in the event they are messed up.  Once you have them good and "stinky" please seal them in a Ziplock baggie to preserve the smells.

For those local families, multiple home visits can be scheduled so that you may play with your new puppy.  If the weather is nice and warm, you may play out in the fenced backyard or take puppy for a neighborhood walk.  I do hold puppies for families moving, making payments, or traveling.  There is a small daily nominal boarding fee.

The last part of the process...... Pick up your bundle of Joy to take to his/her new forever home.  For the big day, plan to be at my home for about an hour.   I will have washed your new puppy before he/she goes home to a new place.  Please plan to provide the most possible calm and soothing type of travel and transition for about the next week.  Puppy will be scared being in a new place, possibly by themselves with their new person.  Please limit all the new visitors as puppy starts to get familiar with his new environment.