Many people ask me what I use, so below, you will find pictures along with descriptions of items that I use here at FaustHouse Havanese.  Some items are used interchangeably.  I do not receive any royalties when recommending these products, although I use them regularly and have found them to be very helpful. 



20, 22, and 27 mm Chris Christensen Pin brushes           Buttercomb or GreyHound Comb              Bolster Bed  (no balls on the ends of each bristle.                                                                                                                  

The number represents the length of bristles.)                                                                                                              


Table Works   Hairdryer Clamp                 Kidco Doggie door            Midwest Double Doored   Wire Crate 

   Sentinel Heartworm Med.        Bravecto or Comfortis Tick/flea Med.            Metal Food bowl

                 Taste of the Wild                                Ultra Puppy food by Nutro                        Proselect Ex-Pen              



              PetStages puppy toys                                         Nylabone Flexi-bones               Flossie's or Bullie Sticks     

     Tearless Puppy Shampoo                     Pure Paws Show Shampoo Systems            

               Isle of Dog Shampoo Systems                             Chris Christensen Shampoo                              

Some type of poopie Scooping device                                         Washable Cloth Pee Pee Pads



Peanut Butter or Chicken pressed bones, Bil-Jac's Liver Treats
PureBites Freezer Dried Treats, Chicken and Liver
Free Range Chicken Treats, blue buffalo sticks or bites,
Natural Balance Treat Rolls

 White Pine Leashes and Harness          Step-In Harness         Bellie Band for Boys        Panties for Females
                                                                             by Lupine                       


  Items Needed for a new addition to your family: 

Have a secure place for puppy to stay while you are away 


BabyGate for limiting areas, playpen or an exercise pen 

Doggie Bed

Food Bowls, low enough for puppy to eat/drink from

Food and Water

Heartworm, Tick, Flea and other Pesticide preventatives


Nutrocal, pancake or Kayro syrup for low blood emergencies

Step-In harness, colar, name tag and 6ft. leash

Chewing bones and toys for cutting teeth


Pet Sitter


HairDryer/ Towels

Straight Ended Pin Brush (No little balls on the ends)

Greyhound or ButterComb

Nail Clippers/ Kuik Stop

Poopie Scooping Kit or Waste Removal System

After Pottie Wipes

Bell on a Rope

Puppy Pads/ holder or litter box

Paper Towels/ Chlorax Disinfecting Wipes for quick clean-up

Puppy Diary/Camera/Camcorder/Scrapbook  

Items Needed for a Puppy

                 Are You Ready for the Big Committment?
      Before purchasing a puppy, one needs to consider the expenses, committment, benefits, and the responsibilities of bringing home a family addition.  Purchasing a puppy is not one to be taken lightly.  When you start considering a new puppy, you could expect to pay a larger amount of money for the start up of owning one.  You will have vaccines, like Distemper Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies boosters and well-puppy visit expenses, along with all the requirements of food cost, and the items listed below.  If you already own one dog, then you probably already have an idea of the commitment level and expenses associated with a new dog.  An estimate of the items listed below are around $500.00, not to mention the vet fees.  Please remember a puppy is a living being, not just another order by mail piece of property.  It will need love, time, commitment, training and understanding during the training phases.  If you are not able to afford the items needed for a puppy, it would be best that you not purchase one until you have the means to support and care for one.  Not only is there a cost financially, there is a time committement.  A new addition will need time of adjustment to get used to your established routine and his surroundings.  When considering to bring home a dog, you must remember, it will be a "life changing decision", just as a new baby brought home from the hospital.  It will make you have to re-adjust your thinking, planning and timing of events.  If you say to yourself, "I don't want to have to change my life,"  well then you better not purchase a dog.  
You probably want a CAT or better yet,

a stuffed animal.

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