Located in Central North Carolina

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Havanese Rescue Inc.

Canine Health Foundation


Sponsor or Supporter of:

The Havanese Club of America, as a member

The Central Carolina Havanese Club, as acting President

Havanese Rescue Inc., as a member and foster mom

The Forsyth Kennel Club, as a member

Therapy Dog International, as a member

​AKC Recognized Breeder of Merit

Owner-Handler Association for Dog Exhibitors, as a member

FaustHouse Havanese

Mission Statement:

FaustHouse is a small hobby breeding family that breeds and shows only Havanese.  We strive to place healthy Havanese puppies into committed loving forever homes.  Our puppies are very dear to our heart, so they live in my home, not in a kennel or a building separate from our home.  They are socialized with friends, family and other animals.  Our goal is to produce quality puppies that meet the AKC and HCA standards and guidelines for show conformation competitions.  With each litter, we strive to create a better Havanese.  We are not breeding for profit.  

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